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Variant Angina?

I'm 26 yrs old, female, slim, exercise, light smoker, no medications, no drugs, don't drink, have chronic migraines and thick blood. Recently found out I have a small cyst on each thyroid 2mm in size, being monitored. Have been having episodes of severe chest pain since my son was born. The first episode occurred during labor and delivery, was strong and lasted 1/2 hr.
The pain starts out feeling like my bra is too tight and keeps tightening. I get very nauseous. After a  minute it changes suddenly to severe pain in the middle of my chest. Feels like chest is going to explode. Vision dims, get very dizzy, get a massive headache and yawn lots. Episodes last 45 min to 1 1/2 hrs then end suddenly. Symptoms always the same. After I'm exhausted. It's excrutiating so I try to control my breathing. They happen at odd hrs of the night/morning. I'm almost always resting when they start. Seems to happen when I'm not stressed. Have been getting them for over a year. Called 911 twice, have been taken to ER five times. Each time I get an ECG nothing shows up as pain is over. I lost consciousness once. Someone said that when I came to the pain hadn't changed. Noticing a pattern. They happen around ovulation and again 2-3 days before I get my period. Sometimes I'll get them for afew mths. Then I'll go 2 mths without any pain. It's been 3 mths since the last one. I found out that we are expecting our second baby. Am very concerned of what this could do to our baby. Every doctor says they don't know what's wrong.They've ruled out GERD, anxiety, did a CT scan, chest X-rays, blood tests, several ECG and a 24 hr holter(no pain during). Nothing shows up. Had prescriptions to rule out GERD and anxiety. Am quitting smoking for baby, down to 2 a day now. Can't hurt! I'm hoping to get a referral to specialist, but in the meantime would greatly appreciate any helpful info, Thank you
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I am sorry you are having these problems. It is always difficult to have a good idea what's going on when answering questions over a forum like this. What I can tell you is there is a syndrome called vasospastic angina that is characterized by spasm of one of the coronary arteries that causes transient lack of blood flow to an area of the heart. If this was the case, you generally seen certain ecg changes at the time of pain. There is also a condition called syndrome x that is not fully understood though is an issue with very small vessels in the heart. This condition is also characterized by certain ECG changes at the time of pain. In order to truly rule out these conditions out, you would need a ECG at the time you are having pain, which it sounds like you have not had done. The good news is these syndromes are not that common and that they are both made much worse with smoking. There are also certainly many things that can cause chest tightness that is not associated with the heart as well. I would recommend that you stop smoking as you are and, if you continue having symptoms after you stop smoking and have not been on a monitor when you had pain, it may be reasonable to discuss a monitor you could take home to get an idea if there is any changes on ecg or fast heart rates at the time of pain. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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