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Varying Symptoms centered around my heart

I've had a varying array of symptoms for many years now that is focused around my heart. At least this is what I believe, as it seems to tie everything together.

Firstly, I sleep poorly, sleep is quite difficult and is never restful for me. Second is rare but occasional chills. Fatigue, lethargy, and heart pain. It is not in my chest, but is    my heart itself. I am sometimes almost painfully aware of my heart and a heaviness in it. Sometimes but not often it is when I exercise, but not often, usually after, but it can be for long after, days even. My blood pressure is normal and I am in a very high state of physical fitness. However I am always tired, always, and rarely have the energy to do much of anything, if I did not exercise it would be worse.  I have had ekgs in the past in relation to other simple physicals that were not searching specifically for heart problems, so no one has ever taken a really close look at my heart beyond this. This may be unrelated but I also seem prone to getting throat infections, have no idea if this is relevant.

In truth I've had problems like this for about 20 years now, been getting worse of late. The pain and discomfort when there is quite clearly my heart, which as I said, I am often far too aware of. The pain and heaviness is not a constant, but the other symptoms are, don't know what to make of it. Any questions to help me narrow things down, or observations? Any help would be most appreciated.
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