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Very Low BP

I am female, 37yrs non-smoker with dilated cardiomyopathy, AT and non sustained VT. I am on many medications but none have changed recently. For the past 4 days I have been bed bound due to my low bp. It is dropping to 80/45 when I stand up. My gp said to stay in bed!? This isn't helping? Any suggestions?
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Did he tell you why and how long to stay in bed? Is there a reason to expect that from staying in bed, the bp will rise again? If not, I think it makes no sense to keeping on laying down. The cause should be found.

Readings below 80/60 usually indicate severely low blood pressure, which may have an underlying cause that could indicate a new, serious heart problem or infection. Severely low blood pressure can deprive the brain and other vital organs of oxygen and nutrients, leading to a life-threatening condition called shock.
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You say your GP told you to stay in bed?  Why is a GP handling this?

Your medical situation is very complicated, and I really, really think you should talk with your *cardiologist* about this.  Like today.
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Thank you forvyour replies, For some unknown reason I am supposed to go through my gp first!? I did, but like you did not understand why I was sent back to bed & he did not seem too bothered about any underlying cause!? but I have since spoken to a heart rhythm management nurse who has spoken to my cardiologist and I am waiting for a call back. That was 4hrs ago. Just have to wait and see?
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Sounds as though your insurance plan requires a 'gatekeeper' (your GP) to slow down access to higher-priced specialists.  However, I'd guess that the seriousness of your medical condition would make them legally liable if you did not receive prompt and appropriate care--that is, a cardiologist, for goodness' sake!
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Don't know how it is arranged in UK, but in the Netherlands it is best to keep pressuring the caregivers, else they sometimes keep you long in the waiting loop.
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Thank you for all your messages, I was taken into hospital shortly after my last message & there I stayed for 2 weeks!! They messed with my medication, monitored me, did a barrage of tests then sent me home to rest. I now take 14 tablets a day plus the pain killers & I get tired very quickly, but I'm home with my family and happy that I am up and about again :-)
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Hi Squarewheel,
good to hear that you are home after that long hospitalization.
Nothing can beat being at home with your loved ones.
Take care!

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