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Visible left external jugular vein pulse when standing.

I have noticed that when I turn off the lights and shine a flashlight across my neck I can see my left external jugular vein pulsing. This happens when I am standing in from of the mirror. My other veins I can't see a pulse on them while standing. When I lay down I can see my left external jugular vein pulsing fully but it is hard for me to see my right external jugular vein pulse. My internal veins don't seem to be distended at all when standing but they do pulse when laying down. ONLY my left external jugular vein is visibly pulsing when standing. Is this something to be worried about or could this just be something benign.
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First, only arteries have the muscular structure that allows them to pulsate.  Veins, even the largish jugulars, do not pulsate, because they cannot.

So, what you're probably seeing is the pulsation of one of your carotid arteries, which actually lies fairly deep in the neck.  On thin people, the pulsing is more visible because there's less fat between the skin and deeper structures.

This pulsation is perfectly normal.  In some people, the pulsing can be seen on *both* sides.  You have just become aware of it, and now it's got your attention.

You can google something like 'visible neck pulse' for more info.  But it would be healthful to put the flashlight away for anything other than getting  around in the dark.
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