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Vision problems

I used to get occasinal ocular migraines (aura, but no headaches), but have not had an episode in a few years.  On Sunday, I was riding in a car when my vision became obscured with what appeared to be a black cloud.  The episode lasted about one minute and entirely blocked out a portion of my vision.  I had no pain, and when I closed my eyes the cloud was not apparent. I read somewhere (darn internet!) that it could be related to a heart/vascular problem....sigh.  Oh, with the ocular migraines, closing my eyes didn't help at all.  Has anyone else experienced a similar episode?  

Thanks for any inSIGHT!  
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Are you thinking a possible small clot formed by arrhythmias (usually folks with a-fib)? You could go in to have your eyes checked. I had something similar a few years ago - my vision in one eye just blurred out and took about 10 minutes to clear up. They can look into the back of the eye and check the blood vessels to see if there's a problem. Only takes a couple of minutes.
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Thanks.  I don't have afib or any other arrythmias anymore.  No high BP, no dizziness, etc.  At first I thought it was one of the auras (jagged, flashing lights), but this time my vision was just gone from part of one eye.  Maybe I'll give the optometrist or my interest in the morning.  But, I'm sure that will result in an appointment...YUK!  Do you think they can tell anything since it was a couple days ago?  

I am a teeny bit concerned about the possibility of a clot.  I had chest pains years and years ago and the doctor said no more BC pills.  Then, a couple years ago the doctor tried me on a low dose BC pill to regulate my cycles and that resulted in more ocular migraines.  So, I've been told hormones are out.  UGH!  Thanks for the infomation....

Oh, one last thing....with a detatched retina, the symptoms would last, right?  My dad had one of those about a year ago....Man, getting older is tough : )

Thanks again.
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Do you get Chest Pain? Shortness Of Breath?  

Do you see floaters in your vision? (Little Black Spots throughout the day)
Do you, or have you ever had an ALOC? Altered Level Of Consciousness?
Only Black Spots or Large Black spots seen no headache? Is it truly a migraine then?
Do you Smoke?

Retinal Detachment Maybe? Would Definately see the doctor about vision problems.
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No chest pain, no SOB.

No floaters or ALOC. no smoking.

The incident on Sunday was with one grayed/blacked out area that lasted about 1 minute.  I have had visual auras (jagged, flashing lights that significantly skew vision and last about 20 minutes) without a headache (ocular migrains),  
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i had an issue with ocular migraines a few years ago,   was so bizarre when the eye doctor told me it was migraine because i didn't have a headache, just strange things in my eyes   they were like halos, started out as small circles and got larger in dimension until they left  took about five to ten minutes   closing my eyes didn't help    he said it can be caused by stress, and i have only had one other incident since then     when i did have this it came about every day for about a month.   i have no heart issues though,  not sure what really caused it and why they haven't occured again       hope all else is well with you,,   take care   dawn
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Hi Dawn,

Thanks.  That's what happened to me with the ocular migraine.  Scared the daylights outta me and when the doctor said "ocular migraines" I was shocked b/c no headache.  

This one was different, but I'm kinda waiting to see if it happens one more time.  Not sure what they can tell since it only happened so briefly.

Hi to Amber : )
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Yes, if it was related to a clot or vessel problem, they can still see it. I waited a week before I went in. As for a partially detached retina, yes, it would still be bothering you. And they're easy to see with the scope as well. I'm not an ophthalmologist but even I can see blood in the eye, a partial tear of the retina and a few other things. If you explain what happened they can probably squeeze you in today. Like I said, it just takes a couple minutes to look into your eye.
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I have them also, they seem to run in the family.  My mother, brother, sister, and at least two cousins get them, not a headache amongst us. Also, I'm the only one in the family with heart troubles, including family that has past on (for other reasons).  One cousin did gain a very large floater after a persistent session with a ocular migraine that is apparently permanent, I can't recall what the medical reason for it.  I hope you get it checked.
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Hi everyone!

Thanks for recommending I get the "cloud" checked out.  I went to see my Optometrist yesterday and he said everything checked out fine.  BUT, he suggested I touch base with my cardio -- something about a correlation between visual problems and valve problems!  UGH!!  He mentioned the possibility that it could have been a bit of plaque that broke off and traveled through my bloodstream.  My cholesterol is OK, so I'm not inclined to think that's a problem.  He also said he remembered something in his medical training about MVP and visual disturbances.  Said I may want to have ultrasound on carotid arteries.  Help! Have you guys heard anything similar?
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Just backing up for a moment - did the cloud affect both eyes or just one?
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Just one eye, it covered 1/3 to 1/2 of one eye.  It was smoky, then dark and then slowly dissipated.  I emailed my cardio to see if she thinks I need to follow up at all.  Have you heard of a connection between MVP and/or MR and visual disturbances?  The eye doctor said something about floating bits of something or other......
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I heard back from my out-of-town cardio and she suggested I have a sed rate blood test (ESR) to check for inflammation.  She thinks I am too young (haven't heard that in a few years..lol) for the type of things it tests for; nonetheless, she feels I should have it checked.  I have an appointment with my local cardio on Wednesday....If the ESR is normal, I'm supposed to ask him about aspirin therapy....Any of you guys on aspirin/day?  

She also said it could have still been an ocular migraine.  
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