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WEIRD!!Blood pressure numbers almost the same

Hi I mostly have pretty low  around 89/65 or lower but its normal for me. But since last night my bp has been reading 89/82 or 90/85 so I tried a different machine but its the same, I have never seen this before. I googled it and found nothing. I feel fine just tired,and my pulse resting is between 48 and 55 which is also normal for me.  Any thoughts?
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89/65  89/82 or 90/85
It is not so big different what you are having now and what you use to have,only 17 -20. It has all sort of reason .I take it: “just the way it is.” :) For many people, and I know that from my own experience also : the numbers are all over the places 20-30 different is nothing. Try 40-50 different in 5 minutes.  in both the first and the second number  as well.

Plus  it is better for you now  as it was before.:)
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No I mean the 89/85 is that close together its only 5 points apart.  The sys and dia numbers are almost the same.
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I see. But still (to me:)) nothing is weird about that.
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The difference between the systolic and the diastolic is the pulse pressure.
You have a low or narrow pulse pressure of 6 or 7 mmHg.

"It is very rare to get a pulse pressure reading of less than 40 mmHg. Chances are, if you receive one that is significantly lower, than you’ve just done the calculations incorrectly.

However, if the pulse pressure is genuinely low, it reflects a low stroke volume, which means your heart is not pumping out the amount of blood it is supposed to. This could be because of a very serious problem, such as congestive heart disorder or shock."

Excerpt from "Pulse Pressure....The Other Blood Pressure!" by Eva Martinez
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Maths not being my strong suit obviously ha! Okay 5, 7 and 24 mmHg.  
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Thanks for the comments its a little better, last reading was 90/75 .  last night went to fire station to get another reading and it was 15 points apart, but my pulse is staying in the lower 50s I feel ok just a little lightheaded side if neck is achy and slight headache like head is full of hot air.. Will see what doc.says on monday, thanks again
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numbers almost equal can cause cardiac tamponade and eventually heart failure I am 20 and suffering from the same problem and it's difficult to get a doctor to do anything about it or take it seriously until you do become tachacardic or extremely bracacardic or have a mini stroke or heart attack
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Usually athletes and people who tend to be very active physically have low blood pressures and pulse rates, this is because the heart is that much more efficient to pump blood effectively. A temporary variation is readings is not of significance, this can happen as flight or fright response. Only a permanent deviation from the normal is significant.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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