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Weanin off Toprol XL

I have been taking 50ml of Toprol XL for three weeks. I am going off of it today, and was wondering if I should wean off of it?
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yes, cut it down to 25 mg for about 3 days, then to 12.5 mg for three days, then off.  You will have to cut the pills into halves and quarters.  
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I hope your plan to go off of Toprol is with your doctor's approval.

I was on 200 mg for several months to address a very high heart rate, and afib/flutter, following valve surgery.  I'm now on 100 mg, half morning, half evening  I hope to get down to 50 mg on my next visit.

I have used Toprol (or the generic) off-and-on for several years, and don't recall any "weaning" to get off, but I'm not about to argue with Cleveland Clinic and repeat my question/suggestion: check with your doctor.
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