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Weaning off of Toprol

I am also trying to wean off of Toprol. I should never have been put on it. My parents both died from heart attacks at an early age. I was having anxiety from lifes stresses, and getting over my mother's death. I started having palpitations. My family doctor had put me on Zanax 2 days prior, then sent me to a cardiologist for the symptoms. The day I went, my heart rate was normal. Since then I have tried to get off of toprol once on my own, and now my heart doctor said my blood pressure is too low. When I tried, I seemed to have some kind of flu symptoms coinciding on day 5 of cutting my 25mg tablet in half. My heart rate went to 100. Because I was dehydrated, the nurse said I should go back on the 25mg. 10 days has gone by, and I am trying again. This time I am taking 3/4 of the 25mg, and on day 3 my heart rate is starting to go up. Not too bad, 81-85 or so, and i am feeling a little jittery. I am 46 and have had scans done and a echo done, and everything looked good. How dangerous is it to go off of toprol. The horror stories I have heard. Anyway, should I stay on 3/4 of a tablet until I stabilize my heart rate to what it was at 72? Then do I drop down to 12.5mg, then half of that after stabilizing? I want to do this without risking my life, but I really want off of this drug.

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I don't see why you are wanting to get off Toprol.  You get off and your hr and bp go up.  You get back on and everything is normal.

How is it that you figure you shouldn't be on it?

If you don't think your doctor is competent, maybe you should try a second opinion.
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I kind of agree with Jim, the carologist  put yuo thatmed for soem reason, and sory to here about loss. GHave yuo had a chest x ray recentely and a echo card gram, my wife wa son  same med  and it lowerd her  heart rate to low , perhaps if you havent had these test you should see another carolgist. I dont think a heart rate of 80 is to bad, but as you seeem to be doing keep  a check on it.
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