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Weight lift after stent

In 2014 I had a minor heart attack. They put me a stent into my 1/3 LAD.
After that I have done 2 stress test with 12 MET and any problems with heart..
I had also 3 echogram. second and last one show that there is no visible damage on my heart.
After one year I went in gym to practice some "easy" body building (weight lifting).
I take simvastatin , emezetibe and aspirin 100mg..
I'am active 4 day/week (running, wights, aerobics)...

What you think? It's ok to practice weight lift?

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If there is definitely no damage to your heart then yes
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People with high blood pressure are more likely to develop coronary artery disease, because high blood pressure puts added force against the artery walls. Over time, this extra pressure can damage the arteries, making them more vulnerable to the narrowing and plaque buildup associated with atherosclerosis.

Weightlifting can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure. This increase can be dramatic, depending on how much weight you lift. But, weightlifting can also have long-term benefits to blood pressure that outweigh the risk of a temporary spike for most people.

So, I think it is not the stent that should keep you away from weightlifting but possibly your bp might. You do not mention your bp, but if it is already above normal levels, you should be careful.lifting heavy weights.
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He didnt list any bp meds so I assume the cardiologist is happy with his blood pressure.
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Blood pressure is in the limits 137/75 hearth rate is in the morning from 55-65 bpm.. I don't take any medication to lower blood pressure.. I have only problems with high cholesterole but now I'am taking enegy 10/20 pils.. the only problem i notice is that this pills make me weak and tired.. I will talk with doctor if he can descirbe me lower dose of statins...
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