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Weird symptoms with a fine ECG

I'm a 26-year old female. Earlier I was diagnosed with a Mitral valve prolapse. Two days ago I started feeling as my heart was shaking, that I couldn't get enough air, and if I lay down I can't feel my legs above the knees. Also I'm feeling very weak and sometimes dizzy. At the same time my blood pressure and heart hate are fine. It's been like that for 2 days. Today I did a ECG and my doctor said it's fine (but this doctor's not the most attentive one, to be honest). The following is written there: Sinus rhythm, Low limb lead voltage, Incomplete right bundle branch block.
I am really feeling very unwell and the worst thing is that it really doesn't get any better.
If anybody could comment on that, I would be most grateful.
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I'm not a health professional, keep that in mind, but I've read a lot of my heart procedure reports so have an idea of what is reported.

The important words associated with Mitral valve prolapse are the words trivial, mild, moderate, and severe.  Most young people would get a report of a trivial, or mild leakage, most of us old people have moderate leakages.  Sinus rhythm suggests that there are no abnormalities, I have no idea about low limb lead voltage, and 'incomplete right bundle branch' reports just means that possibly the leads weren's well connected.  I certainly talk to your doctor to interpret your heart test, but I would associate your symptoms as being a result of stress as a possibility.  
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