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What are VE's and SVEs?

My husband wore a Holter monitor for two days and these abbreviations were in the report.  They are not something I can look up in a medical dictionary.
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VE also know as pvcs premature ventricular contractions and SVE also known as pacs premature atrial contractions. Almost everyone with have some of one or the other or both on a 24 hour monitor
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VE = ventricular ectopics (beats originating from the hearts main chambers)
SVE = supraventricular ectopics (beats originating from upper chambers, except sinus node)

Hope this helps.
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!   Your knowledge and time spent sharing it is much appreciated.  We are very new to this.
You are most welcome.

If your husband had a normal echocardiogram and has no heart disease then these findings are most likely benign.
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