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What could be causing these symptoms?

I am a 28 year old female, in overall good health. I have felt that something is not right with my heart for a while now. I started getting a lot of palpitations about 5 years ago. A doctor in the ER said I have a heart murmur. I wore a heart monitor for 72 hours, only showing periods of bradycardia as low as 42 bpm. I am always very aware of my heart beating. Sometimes I will feel like my heart skips a beat, then I won't feel good for the rest of the day, sometimes lasting the next day also. It feels as if my heart is weak. I have also experienced some pain just left of my sternum, at about the 3rd intercostal space. The pain is sharp, but mild, and only lasts a second of two. Then is goes away and comes back in about 5 minutes. In the last month, I have experienced 3 days of this, lasting all day. In the last year, sometimes after orgasm, I don't feel well, again as if my heart is weak. This also can last all night sometimes until the next day. I had an echo done last year, which was normal. I told my PCP a few months ago that I am afraid I may have an arrythmia at times. He says a lot of women like me with abnormal hormones (my body make almost no progesterone and I take it topically now) complain of the same feeling. He also has me taking a very large dose of fish oil daily, which helps. What could be causing these symptoms? Should I see a cardiologist? Thanks for the help!
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Periods of heart rates in the 40's especially during sleep are normal.  If they occur during periods of exertion, that's considered abnormal and should be worked up further.   However, I don't think that you heart is the problem here.  The only thing worth looking into is to make sure that you don't have some form of tachycardia, fast heart rate.  This can done by wearing an event monitor.  This is a device that you wear at all times for a couple of weeks, but it only records and sends info to your doctor when you tell it to, ie, during episodes when you feel your heart to be abnormal.  You also keep a journal of your symptoms to see how they correlate with the monitor findings.  To have this done you should see a cardiologist.  I am not sure about the last statement that this is normal in women with abnormal hormone levels.  It doesn't seem right and it should be worked up further.  You are young and shouldn't have to feel this way.  
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