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What does it mean when Angina “spreads” or “radiates”?

Does it hurt in all areas at once? Or does it start in one area and gradually move to others?

I am young, 28, 5”11 275, Ive lost 21 pounds in the last month. I was in the shower today and had a sudden sharp pressure pain in both sides of my neck, and my upper collarbone area, worstvin my neck sides. And for whatever reason a heart issue came to mind.

However it didn’t last long, and didnt feel like I had to stop my shower or take a break or anything, after a brief window of time it went away, with maybe just a small part of my neck feeling slightly dull and achy. Just wondering if its likely to be a heart issue, angina, or something to not worry about
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probably depends on each person.  For many it is like a spreading out from central location.  Are you having chest pain?  Go to ER if you are.
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Are you still having this issue?  Did you ever go to the ER?  Can you give us an update?
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