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What effect does bp have on CAD

I have extensive CAD with mutiplable stent placement in the past 22 months, and have high blood pressure (Usally 180/110 And higher), what effect does the high blood pressure have on CAD and angina. I am on bp meds. (norvasc, imdur, toprol XL, spirolactone, valturna, cattapress tts, iron, dexilant & carfate).
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High blood pressure is not good for the heart and can lead to decreased function and an increase in angina.  Your blood pressure should really be less than 140/90 and if you have diabetes or chronic kidney disease it should be less than 130/80.  If you aren't on the maximal dose of Norvasc which is 10mg and the highest dose of Valturna then your physicians should probably start another bp agent such as Hydrochlorothiazide or increase the cattapress patch.  Why are you on spironolactone? Do you have heart failure? Also, since you are requiring multiple blood pressure agents and still have a very elevated blood pressure, you should really be evaluated for renal artery stenosis (blockages in your kidney arteries) because this is a reason for elevated blood pressure requiring many agents and once you have bockages in one vascular bed (heart arteries), you are at risk for having atherosclerosis in other vascular beds such as the kidneys.  

Hope this helps!  
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I take 10mg of norvasc twice a day, along with a 100mg of topral xl twice a day, and 300/320 of valturna, just recently the cattapress was increase to 3 initally it seemed to work - was on the hydrochlorothiazide but it was causing my heart to pause, so they stopped it, not sure why the spirolactone except maybe that I have trouble maintaning potassium levels. As for heart failure, not that I have been told, of course all I have really been told is that I have extensive premature heart diesease with mutiple stent placement (10, 8 due to restonsis) and multiple blockages. (I do take plavix and 325mg of asprin). They have checked the renal artery during one of the heart caths and said everything looked ok. (just a note just turned 50 and a female)
        It has helped some thank you so very much. Any suggestions for reading or information would be greatly appericated

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