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What heart vitamins can improve my heart health?

Am currently looking for some vitamins that promotes my brain's health, heart's health and cell growth. Does anyone tried FishOil of Hercules Vitamins yet? I found their site online and planning to buy one.

Please help guys, am still looking for the best fish oil in the market gathering very positive feedback.

Hoping for your help

Thanks in advance guys!!!
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I am happy with Life Extension Foundation supplements, you can google for it.

Remember, everything has side effects and you should be well aware of them.

In addition, if you have any cardiac issue, I advice you to check with your dr. before any trial.

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I'm a former commercial salmon fisherman, and suggest instead of investing in very expensive fish oil tablets, why not simply mix in fresh troll caught salmon ocean salmon a couple times a week or more?  
So many fish oils use farmed fish for their product, which is contaminated simply because of the product used.  I've caught and cleaned literally tons of ocean salmon, and the difference between the Atlantic Salmon (always farmed) and Chilean Salmon (usually farmed) is amazing.   Ocean caught salmon is full of great oils and fat, the farmed fish is pale, not very healthy.  

Given the title of the product, I would avoid it like the plague.

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Magnesium, especially if you get palpitations as it can help tremendously with those.  
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My mom is also using Fish OIl hercules but am not sure what for?
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IMO, the best thing a person can do for good health, including heart health and brain health, is to eat a healthy diet.  I'm not saying some supplements don't have their place, but nothing can take the place of eating healthy whole foods.  The next best thing a person can do for good health, and some would rate this first, is to get regular, appropriate exercise.  If you consistently do both of those things, and you keep doing them for a period of years, you are going to need minimal supplements, if any.   From what I have read about fish oil supplements, they can be beneficial, but they are perhaps not as beneficial as regularly eating wild-caught ocean fish.  If you like fish, I would eat fish at least twice a week, and in fact I make it a habit to do that now.  I also take a magnesium supplement, which has helped my PVCs.  But the main way I take care of myself is by eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, minimizing processed food, minimizing added sugar and salt, totally avoiding trans fats, and exercising regularly.  
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Sleeping disorder and imbalance diet can cause heart problems.Following these guidelines will be best training for a healthy heart. Some of these supplements can be beneficial for your heart:
    1.Fish oil
    2.Plant sterols
    4.Fiber (psyllium)
    5.Red yeast rice
    6.Green tea extract
    7.B-Complex vitamins
But one more important thing need to remember.Always consult with your doctor before use of these supplements.
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