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What is the diagnosis of the CT Angiography report shared - Post CABG

My father had a CABG in 1993
Grafts placed LIMA-LAD, SVG-RCA, OM2, Diagonal
CT Angiography report findings below:
LIMA-LAD : Patent
SVG-RCA : Patent
SVG-OM2 : Occluded
SVG-Diagonal : Occluded

Native Vessels
Significant calcified triple vessels disease
D1, D2 - small
OM- good sized with ostial significant disease
Cardiac Chambers - Normal
Subendocardial hypodensity seen in LV apical region (anterior and anterolateral wall) & apex.
Visualized lungs and mediastinum - Normal

LIMA-LAD : Patent
SVG-RCA : Patent
SVG-OM2 : Occluded
SVG-Diagonal : Occluded
Significant calcific native triple vessels disease.

Please could you help interpret this report in layman's language and what is the diagnosis and next steps to be taken.
The doctor has currently advised continuing his previous medicines for one month and re-consult then.
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Wanted to add that my father is 77.5yrs old
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