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What is this? Experience taking metoprolol for palpitations?

Hello I'm new on here
I've been feeling awful for a week now so hopefully somebody has some advice

As a bit of a background
For the past few years I've been able to feel my heart beating when I don't get enough sleep for about 30 minutes after I eat & sometimes when I stand up or walk too quickly mostly in my neck sometimes in my stomach & under my left breast just where my rib is.
My physicician performed a lot of tests ECG, 24 hour holter monitor, Echocardiogram & a blood test when I first went in to see him about these symptoms three years ago.
He found a trivial leak in my mitral valve & a 2cm lump on my left adrenal gland which i'm trying to get checked to see if it is a pheochromocytoma with a 24 hour urine test but I have had very heavy irregular periods lately which has made it hard to to do the test (They've been going on for a week & a half at least each time) Which is not normal for me.

anyway over the last week I have been feeling much worse than usual I can feel it beating much more heavily than usual aafter meals I can feel it beating heavily & fast for about two hours in my stomach & neck which really frightens me. It's also been keeping me awake at night I have to have a glass of water to make it less noticeable before I try to sleep. I can feel it in my stomach just above my belly button as well as in the right side of my neck & in the last two days I have been having trouble breathing too. I feel like I can only take tiny breaths in & if I try & take a bigger breath in I feel like I'm straining which then makes my neck hurt from trying so hard as if i'm having muscle cramps. My nose feels as if it might be blocked too & only taking tiny breaths in every now & then is leaving me feeling like I can't breathe.
I've been down to the er twice about this & they didn't even check my breathing all they focused on was my pulse which when I walked in from the car was going at 168bpm until I laid down then it finally calmed down & ranged from about 85 to 110.
The doctor there gave me a drip which did make it less noticeable for a little while & after I went home several hours later it became more noticeable again.
I've been to see my physician & took him the letter from the hospital saying I had far apart q waves which indicated i might have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but he dismissed it saying it wouldn't have changed that much since my last echo. He believes it's all anxiety (Which I really don't believe it is) & said if I don't eat or drink normally he'll put me into the hospital for dehydration & won't run any more cardiac tests.
I don't think he understands that it's gotten worse this week & having trouble breathing & all he did was prescribe me beta blockers half a 50mg metoprolol tablet to be taken when I feel them as I only have benign palpitations & a regular rhythm.
How can I take them when I'm having trouble breathing? Has anyone else taken metoprolol for benign palpitations?
Did you have any side effects? Did you have a fast hr & blood pressure after they wore off & it was time to take another dose? Did you have any withdrawal symptoms? I'm really worried about how bad the rebound effect & my breathing will be seeing as I already feel awful
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Almost forgot my heart rate has been going at least 10 BPM faster than usual all the time even at rest.
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I think you should try the beta blocker. Metropolol works best if you take it every day, maybe at 25 mg or less.

If you wan fast acting then perhaps Propranolol is for you. It works within 30 minuttes max.

Metopolol can give side effects but it varies individually. I got nausea and cold feet and tiredness.

Nevibolol is another new beta blocker, that has fewer side effects, as Im speaking of experience.

Metopolol will probably work for 24 hours and yes then the symptoms come back, and if you take them for many months, then you can expect more palpitations for a few days.

This is just my personal experience.
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