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What medicine is there for aorta sclerosis

I just found out I have aorta sclerosis
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There is no medicine for it. If you have high cholesterol they may prescribe a statin to lower the cholesterol. This means your valve is thickened probably by calcium but has not affected the valve opening. It is fairly common in people over 65. In some cases it can progress into aortic stenosis where it affects  the valve opening. This is when it becomes a problem. There is a good chance it will never progress to this. You might want to have another echo in 3 to 5 year. Also your doctor will probably hear a murmur. I take vitamin k2 with mk4 and mk7. It is suppose to help transport calcium to the bones where it is suppose to go and not the arteries and valves. I don’t know how well it works but it is worth a try.
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