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What’s going on?

Hello! Ive been experiencing random prickly pain in my chest where I believe my heart would be. I get this completely randomly, it could be while at rest or while working(hard labor), some days it doesn’t happen at all, and most of the time it literally last like a split second. One time I was standing completely still when I felt it, and unlike all the other times it stayed there, it feels like a needle poking me or something. Anyways I rubbed the area for a few seconds and it went away completely.

Now I have had cardiac blood tests done as well as a chest X-ray that came out clear, the doctor couldn’t see any abnormalities with my lungs or heart.
I have had 2 EKGS done that came out normal, both times I was experiencing palpitations or I could “feel” my heart beating. I am an anxious person, a lot of weird stuff has been happening lately and googling symptoms makes my anxiety way worse. What do you think this could be? Is it heart related? My blood tests, ekg and chest X-ray were all normal, so what could this be?

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Hi there. It may be anxiety, given the fact that all the tests are clear.
Generally they say that cardiac pain wont  go away with massage or with movement, which may also point you in the direction of a non cardiac cause
Anyway stick to you doctors advice, as he has your full medical history and is best placed to advise you
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Another thing to add; because sometimes  I’ll “poke” or massage these feelings away, my sternum, especially at the bottom  of my sternum, will be sore. If I push on it just a bit it sends this immense pain through my chest out into my left peck. Almost like a burning pain, it goes away after a couple seconds. I’ve always been really sensitive with my chest- I hate it when my girlfriend puts her hand on my chest when we sleep or if something heavy is on my chest even my cellphone sometimes bothers me, it never causes pain just makes me uncomfortable.
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