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Whats this???

I had my stress test and couldn't walk the treadmill at all. I got the 1st 3 minutes of the test done and could not go any further. Does that mean that I have A heart problem? I had shortness of breath and I could not pick up my heart rate over 82 B P M.
Any feedback of this question will be appreciative . I'm not sure what they found on the test, but I will know Tuesday of this next week.
Thank you, Hammy41
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Did they stop the test or did you ask to stop? Why did you have to stop - chest pain, short of breath, fatigue?
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They stopped the test when I went down on the treadmill.  When I came to, I was back on the gurney.
I asked what happened, and then they shot the rest of the dye in my arm for the 2nd
set of pics? The tech called the DR. in right there to see the pics monitor and they we're whispering. ?
They let me go home that afternoon and rest. I was fatigued and slept all afternoon, when I got home.
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That's pretty lousy that they didn't give you some feedback right then and there. And I'm surprised they sent you home after fainting like that. Sounds like you'll just have to take it easy till Tuesday (tomorrow?) and find out the results then. It will be interesting to see what they have to say.
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Hi I'm writing to say, good news. It is not my heart!!!!!!!!!
It is muscular in my chest, I pulled the chest muscles . I will be dropping out of this group and I want to  say thanks to all who has answered my posts.

Good luck And God Bless
Thanks again, hammy41
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Sorry to see you go but very happy about the news. Take care of all those muscles.
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