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What's wrong???

I started Zona plus program 6 weeks ago, my bloodpressure was 189/138 after 6 weeks it's now 191/123.  I've lost 2 inches in my waist, eat more fruit, cut out salt, was no sugar, walk 45 minutes a day, and retired 11 months ago.  I use the zona three times a day, seven days a week.  My score runs 99 or 100 every try.  So what else done I need to do or am I doing something wrong????
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It sounds like you are working hard to get it down, BP that is consistently that high is certainly dangerous.  You haven't mentioned blood pressure medications or what your doctor recommends.  Many BP medications are extremely effective and have proven their worth over many, many years.  Zona plus is a concept rather than a recognized treatment by the majority of health providers.
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If those are your normal levels you should be treated by a dr.

You are at very high risk.

Keep in mind that at those levels, eyes and brain are the ones that can suffer real damage in the short term. Damage in the heart will take longer.

Be sure to check your kidneys and adrenal glands for potential tumors that can produce those levels.

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Call your doctor yesterday!! You don’t want to get a stroke.
-And a little sugar won’t kill you, it is a nonsense what some dietary program making people to believe. Aspartame as we all know is a big NO, but sugar is natural-….. But the point is you must be on BP pills as soon as possible, like the others also told you.

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