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Whether throat pain related to Heart Disease

I suffer from Insomonia. Cannot overcome mental stress. Cardiological Report Normal. Pressure Normal. Take tablets for controlling blood pressure.Due to lack of sleep and prolonged acitvities (not physical) feels a throat ache. Is it related to heart disease?
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It is impossible to tell based on the information provided if the throat pain is due to heart disease.  It certainly sounds like you have a lot of things going that can be causing you suffering (insomnia, stress, etc).  I suggest continued close consultation with your primary physician to see if further testing (e.g. exercise stress test) would be warranted.
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I am not a dr.,  but if the pills that you are taking for the BP have an active principle ending in "pril" like Lisonopril or Enalapril then your throat problem may be a side effect of them.

Good luck.
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