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Why both an Angiotensin II + and Beta Blocker?

My 93 y/o Mom just had a stress test and echo. They show a 52% LVEF but a small infarct area at the bottom of the heart. She has no obvious symptoms but her cardiologist has put her on a new regimen of 4 meds (statin, Plavix, losartan, metoprolol)... which she finds terribly overwhelming. My question is ... why both losartan (an Angiotensin II) and metoprolol (a beta blocker)? Don't they both do the same thing by lowering blood pressure and opening up the coronary arteries? She is also tiny in height (5 ft) and I'm concerned that both are too much for her. She's already complained about the losartan saying that within an hour after taking it, she couldn't keep her eyes open or do anything much but sleep.

Thanks in advance!
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The betablocker does more than just lower blood pressure.
It is often prescribed after and infarct to avoid arhythmias.
For the bp, if she would take only one medicin, the dose would probably be higher, so that does not make so much difference.

It often takes a few weeks for the body to get used to the new medication. After those weeks, many side effects normally disappear.

The statin and plavix are not very clear to me.
Afaik, statins are not described to persons of your mother's age.
Plavix is a potent anticoagulation medication (blood thinner). It is normally decribed after placement of a foreign object in the bloodstream (stent).
Thank you. The statin is being prescribed because she has had cholesterol in the 240-260 range for several years now and has not been taking a statin. While I understand your statement, it seems to me that the Dr. is looking to reduce the risk of another MI. She is on one Ecotrin per day, but I believe the doctor (now having seen an MI and thinking she is at risk for more) is trying to use something more potent to again lower the risk of another MI by lowering the risk of a clot (moreso than the Ecotrin can provide). What I'm still not happy with is both a beta blocker and an Angiotensin II. My Dad only needed a beta blocker and she gets overwhelmed with so many meds and doesn't tolerate them well. Yes, she needs something to ensure her coronary arteries stay open, BP stays down, and heart rate (tends to be up around 80-90) stays down.
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