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Will Diet Pills help with Orthostatic Hypotension?

I have been diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Hypotension after receiving a positive tilt table test.  I have taken Florinef Acetate (1/2 pill once a day) which did not work.  My doctor then prescribed Modridine (2.5 mg. twice a day) and that did not help either.  In the past, I took either one pill or 1/2 pill of Phenteramine and now the cardiologist said to go back to taking the Phenteramine although she will not write me a prescription for it.  Is it safe to take diet pills on a long-term basis and if not, what would you recommend.  My main symptoms are fatigue and lightheadedness.  I've battled this for 15 years and have had every test imagineable.  Any help or suggestions that you might have would be greatly appreciated.  I've also ruled out anxiety - went to two Psychiatrists who said that I did not have any anxiety disorder.  I took Paxil which helped tremendously with the lightheadedness but because of side-effects, I had to discontinue taking it.

Currently I am taking .75 mgs Levoxyl for Hashimoto's, Loestrin 1/20 on a continuous basis and 200 mg. Wellbutrin SR.

Any insight or help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much for your help!
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There is not really a magic pill for patients with orthostatic hypotesnions. Florinef, salt tabs and volume loading help some. Lifestyle changes such as avoiding dehydration and sudden changes in position can also help.

Phenteramine is an addictive drug with a poor side effect profile. I do not prescribe it for this particular indication.  

I would look into treatment at a center that specializes in autonomic dysfunction.  The Cleveland Clinic has a syncope center that would possibly be of some help or reassurance.

good luck
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