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Will a heart monitor reveal urgency to seek medical care?

Been wearing monitor for 1 week now and sometimesthey last nonstop for several hours. It is exhausting not to mention stressful! My cardiologist office gets read out from holtor company everyday but does not seem to understand how scared i feel. I have to wear for another week. Will they call if they see something dangerous like risk of stroke or heart attack? Because i feel like i could drop dead everyday. I just don't like the idea it will be another week of them looking at reports and probably another week before I can be seen.
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I'm sorry about that.  Those heart monitors are not comfortable. They are looking for patterns which take some time.  I know you are scared but hang in there.  One week left in order to get some valuable information regarding your heart. Does your monitor send the results daily to your doctor?  You are wearing it to provide information for a diagnosis.  What types of symptoms are you having.  Most likely, if you were to have a stroke or heart attack, you'd have symptoms indicating as such at that time.  If there is urgency in what they are seeing, if they ARE checking it daily, then they will certainly act.  They are wanting to help you.  Try to stay busy, try not to think about it. Do some deep breathing.  What is your overall cardiac situation requiring the to use the monitor with you by the way?
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How are you doing now?  Are you feeling any better??  When do you have your follow up with the doctor about monitor results?
thank you for your response. its nice just to vent my fears and relieve anxiety. All done with monitor yesterday...i had to wear it 14 days. Results did go to my doctor daily but they never called.  Which i finally called after a very exhausting day of palpitations. It was after i exherted myself and they were slow, fast, skipped, paused and haywire for 8 hours. They just told me they will wait to get all results and it would take about a week. Basically I have had them for 5 years they ruled them benign, stress test good. i have quit coffee, nicotine, overeating and got completely healthy in the last year and they get worse every day...i am now trying to avoid gluten since i sometimes get them from meals with bread and see what happens. i just can't make rhyme or reason of what triggers them
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