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Will this kill me

Hi , I am 38 yrs old last Friday night I got a back pain , I thought it's a gastric , I had some remedies for gastric but the pain is not reduced, next day morning I got breath properly and I got sweating then I go to hospital ,they did all test ECG ,ECo every after that they told it's a gastric , when I am admitted the hospital I have BP 180(,actually I don t have BP,sugar ,cholesterol )but my back pain not reduse , then I went another hospital ,again they took all test ECG,ECo,blood every there also they said it's a gastric problem ,but back pain not reduced, again they did ECO my right side corner of my chest they found some thing after that they took angio test only while that time I did t have any chest pain, but doctor told u have a mild attack and u have CAD. But I don t have cholesterol in my body and my blood , I am smoking and during very less , is it heart attack , now I am in medication , doctor proscribed , brilenta , ecoasprin,pan40
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