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Withdrawal from Inderal LA

About 15 yrs. ago, a neurologist gave me Inderal LA, 60 mg., for essential tremor.  I was doing fine on this medication until the price skyrocketed and I can no longer afford it.  Went to see a Medical Internist and was taken off
Inderal LA immediately and put on Metoprolol.  I was to take 1/2 of a 25 mg. tablet in the a.m. and again, at
bedtime. Turned out that I was getting quite shakey and the Metoprolol was increased to (2) 25 mg. tablets daily.
I have been on this increased dosage for a week now and still get the shakes.  I do take Primidone for Epilepsy
but my last seizure was in 1978 and I have had only (4) for verygood reasons.  M.D. said to increase the Primidone
to 500 mg. in the a.m., 250 mg. in the late afternoon and another 250 mg. at bedtime.  I am leary of doing this and
keep wondering if I should try it.  M.D. said it would ease the tremors.  I also take Clonazepam for Torticolis which
is an involuntary shaking of the head.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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