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Wolffe Parkinson White Syndrom

Posted By KevinM on July 19, 1998 at 22:16:39:

I am an active healthy 24 year old male who was diagnosed with Wolffe Parkinson White syndrom five days ago after having been rushed to the E.R. with severe heart palpitations and a heart rate of 240 beats per minute.  My physician and cardiologist diagnosed me with SVT and WPW syndrom after performing a blood test, an ekg, and an echo test.  I am currently waiting to be scheduled for what they called an ablation of the extra electrical pathway in my heart.  My questions are:
1.  How safe is the ablation?  What are potential problems that may arise either during the ablation or afterwards?
2.  Is there any kind of a rating system for the doctors which perform this type of procedure, simply put are some doctors better than others at this procedure and how may I find out who is the best?
3.  How common is this procedure and how many are performed daily, weekly or yearly?
4.  Is it common for a cardiologist to recommend the ablation after only reviewing blood tests, and ekg, and an echo test of the heart?
5.  I am currently taking the drug Diltiazem which seems to be controling my heart problem.  Therefore, if I were to postpone the ablation procedure could I possibly be putting myself in danger of further heart problems?
Thank you very much in helping me to understand this procedure.

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