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Worried about having myocarditis

Hello all, I recently came down with a cold and was wondering if it is possible that I could contract myocarditis. I heard that one of the symptoms is sudden cardiac death and I am worried that this will happen to me. Would there always be other less severe symptoms that occur before sudden cardiac death or could I just drop down dead? Please help me.
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There are symptoms. If you get chest pain, a rapid or irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath (whether at rest or during an activity that doesn't normally cause you to be short of breath), fluid retention in the ankles, legs and feet or fatigue you don't think is normal with a cold, then call your doctor or go to an emergency department.

Keep in mind that millions of people get colds every year, and most don't get myocarditis. It's possible, for sure, but you'll know what to look for now. :)


Feel better soon!
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