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a fib/with mitral valve prolapse

What is the difference between a fib with mitral valve issues and a fib? I understand their is more risk without the mitral valve prolapse. I had a recent echo -  and was told their was minimum leakage of the valve. I am taling metoprolol (50 mg.) but still have irregular heart episodes upon stress and exertion, (like steps or sometimes exercise. )  .Is there danger to having testing such as endoscopy or colonoscopy ? Please excuse the multiple questions  but the answers might clear up some confusion.

Thank you so much for any advice.

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well ms betsy, i have mild mitral prolapse, used to have afib, I had an ablation and now have occasional skipped beats... but to answer your qestion, I had a colonscopy and an endoscopy both this year and had no problems.... the docs didnt seem concerned at all.. wuza fun summer....colonscopy and endoscopy...laffin..hope this is helpful ..Claytex
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Hi Betsy,

I had A Fib episodes that resulted in me being in ICU's and Hospitals frequently.  I tried 5 different Betablockers and nothing really worked.  Just had to live with it and take Ecutrin - bloodthinner - as A Fib can cause strokes because of blood clot-issues.  

I eventually had my Mitral valve repair done in 2008 - had severe mitral valve incompetence due to the segments that was deformed (congenital defect) and the A Fib stopped.

So what I am trying to say to you:  you need to take Baby Aspirin or atleast some kind of bloodthinner as A Fib can cause bloodclots and cause havoc!  but some people manage to live with A Fib.

There are no real dangers to taking procedures like Endoscopies, etc.  but talking about Endoscopies:  Just something very interesting:  acid reflux (GERD) can also cause A Fib or irregular heartbeats!  the acid irritates the vagus-nerves!!!  that controls heart beats.

Interesting :)
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