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a heart attack?

hi....im 20 yrs old and dealing with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels...tha laste time i saw my cardiologist she was disheartening...she told that such high blood pressure(180/130 that time measured) is not allowed at my age and told me that i need to lose weight immediately and quit smoking...he ran a plaque test and found blocage in my arteries and scared me by saying that i may be have a heart attack even though im young if not make some changes....2 days ago,at night i felt like someone was seating on my chest and could barely breath.trying take deep breaths the pain become worse and i vomited twice,it lastes about 5 minutes...could this be a heart attack like my cardiologist said that could happen?i know that this may be a silly question but i think it was...pls sombody help  

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Thank you for your response.  Take care and it is good advice to diet, exercise and reduce stress.  Take care and thanks for sharing.
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Thanks all for your responses...An angiogram was done....As my cardiologist said it was not a heart attack but i visited her office so as to be sure..The same again diet excercise and no stress

Thanks for your help
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I agree with Ally that a heart disorder does not have a symptom of deep breathing pain, but the condition can be serious such as lung embolism, pleurisy, etc. and requires continued professional consultation and treatment, and a respiratory problem can be concomitant with a heart disorder as well...digestive disorder can be secondary to a heart problem or in itself a serious GI problem.

There is agreement to listen to your doctor regarding your condition and follow the advice.  Do you have two doctors? As heartfluttersflyawayplz asks what tests have been done?
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Actually the basic problem starts when we are not havin proper healthy meals & proper sleep.
The young generation is a fast food generation & you know fast food is not healthy. Just maintain your deit. You said you vommited twice feelin nauseated is one of the symtoms of a heart attack.
You're young & believe me it is easier for you to get rid of this problem. Eat fruits & lots of vegies avoid fatty food. You'll be fine =)
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fariha u have alot learning abt heart .me also suffered fem heart attack and have blockage of main artery and also blessed by ALLAH having natural bypass butt doctors still recommend me bypass surgery.i m not willing for this.is it possible by medicines??
Assalaamu alaikum friend.

Unfortunately if you're recommended for bypass you're already past the point of medical management.

You can choose to take medicines that may prolong your life slightly, but bypass surgery is going to be the only thing that has a significant impact in the long term.

The choice is entirely yours to make.. There is a chance of something happening on the table, however if you choose not to the consequences of the same happening down the line are near 100%
As for collateralization, allah (swt) has made our bodies remarkably resilient and able to protect itsself. Unfortunately these natural bypasses are only temporary as they are unable to provide enough blood to sustain the heart on their own. They provide a small amount of blood sufficient to prolong your lifespan a few years, allowing you time to get more permanent treatment (bypass, stent etc)
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i would see my cardio dr to see what happen, you are way to young to be going throught this. you need to make the life changes so you can live a long full life.   what test did they run to see your blockages and what degree were they than. why did they not put you on meds for your bp and chol and blockages. this i would be asking. plz go get checked.
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You should be seen in any case.  With heart attacks deep breathing doesn't normally cause the pain to worsen, but you should at least contact your doctor.  Explain these to him.  It's imperative that you make the lifestyle changes your doctor advises now.  Take care, Ally
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