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abdominal aorta ultrasound result

I recently had an abdominal aorta ultrasound to rule out mesenteric ischemia because of epigastric pain I have been having for 5months. A CT of my abdomen aorta showed scattered atherosclerotic calcifications.
The cardiologist called me to tell me the ultrasound was normal.
Upon reviewing a copy of the ultrasound, I noticed on the conclusion it stated for the superior mesenteric artery velocities suggest <70 percent stenosis.
It that something I should be concerned about.
Could you explain what that means exactly?
Thank you
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Chronic mesenteric ischemia is usually the result of severe atherosclerotic disease involving the mesenteric arteries.  Ultrasound is a fairly accurate test used to identify significant disease in these arteries.  Based on the test results you describe, there is no evidence for any blockages that could cause mesenteric ischemia.  Chronic abdominal pain is often times difficult to diagnose; I recommend continued close consultation with your physician.  
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