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abnormal ecg reading

Hi. I am a 31 y/o male. Im 6'1 weigh around 190 lbs. I dont know how to read an ECG but I got a copy of it and it says abnormal ECG. I will try and give the right numbers because I do not understand any of it. It says Sinus tachycardia, rate 102 normal. High QRS voltage R in  >= 1.5, probalbe inferior infarct 2Q's 2,3,F & 1 : 40 -30to 240.
Then these numbers;
PR 132
QT 333
QTc 434

P 70
QRS 75
T 57
I also had  Nuclear Medicine Stress Test and an echocariograph done. It looks like the echo was normal according to my understanding but the stress test was abnormal if I am reading it correctly it states; Impression and discussion: The routine spect images of the left  ventricular myocardium where examined both at the stree and at rest. The patien noted to have attenuated areas of radioativity in the inferoapical wall. The Gated spect images reveal an overall estimated ejection fraction to be 65% with normal wall motion.

Impression: 1. Normal wall motion with an ejection fraction of 65%
                  2. No evidence of previous infarction.
                  3. Inferoapical wall ischemia.

If you could better help me understand this I would greatly appreciate it.

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I need help understanding my ECG my report states sinus rhythm Inferior ST-T changes are nonspecific unconfirmed analysis.    My Vent rate was 89 bpm RR interval was 670 ms PR Interval was 178 ms QRS Duration was 84 ms QT Interval was 346 ms QTC Interval was 396 ms QT Dispersion 18 ms P axis was 29 deg QRS Axis was 17 deg  and T axis was 0      What does it all mean??
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Probable infarct are Q waves in leads 2, 3, VF but should be supported by other clinical evidence such as a long PR interval and/or inverted T wave, etc.  Your PR is normal at 132 (expected range 120-200) and stress test is negative for an infarct (heart muscle damage) as wall motion is normal and EF (ejection fraction...amount of blood pumped with each stroke) is 65...normal is 55 to 75%.

PR 132 (normal is 120-200) Greater than 200 can indicate a impuilse conduction block that can lead irregular heartbeats.

QTc 434 is QT with heart rate factored into the measurement.  Your 434 is within the normal range of less than 440.  QT is the time for ventricular action (charge and discharge) and is a diagnostic for susceptability for some types of fast irregular heartbeats.

From impression report indicates some ischemia (lack of blood flow) located inferoapical region.  Abnormal EKG can be heart rate over 100 and unsupported Q waves.
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