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abnormal exercise test

I recently have had 2 exercise treadmill tests the first one after 1min my oxygen went to 84 and my heart rate rose to 156 so the test was stopped. I had repeat of the test 4 days ago with a result of after 1 minute oxygen 90 heart rate 175. I have been having problems for nearly 2 years with shortness of breath and feeling exhausted after doing the minimal activity such as loading my washing machine. was wondering what else to think, i am having trouble getting my doc to refer me to cardio. I am 33 and mum to 4 children so have a busy life this is really draining me.
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If the doctor is not referring you to a cardiologist, then he/she must have a valid dx?!  You have the classic symptoms of the heart not able to meet the oxygen/blood demand that your activities require.  Unless  your doctor has a dx, please see cardiologist.  If it is a heart problem, a delay in treatment can cause serious harm.
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