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abnormal right heart echo in swimmer following syncope events during exercise

Following syncope while swimming I visited my GP.  I was sent for a stress test that recommended referal to cardiologist.  I have an appointment in 6 weeks but am concerned whether I should continue training for competition in surf lifesaving.

test found Normal LV size and systolic function, 48 diastole, 24mm systole, LVEF >65% septum mildly hypertrophied 12mm, posterior wall 11mm.   Upper normal  LA size. Normal valves with trivial MR.  In parasternal apical and apical views right heart looks mildly dilated and RV looks hypokinetic, but looks normal in size and function in subcostal view.  Marked hyperkinesis.  
Resting ECG: sinus rhythm, non-specific T wave changes.  possible LVH, LAE and mild QT prolongation.
Execise ECG Voltage LVH, 2mm convex inferolateral ST depression
Resting HR 50; resting BP 125/80; Max HR 169; Peak BP 180/90

My normal training would be in the order of 8 hours per week of a mix of board paddling, swiming and surf ski paddling.  Age 47, male, weight 75 kg, height 176 cm.
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I am not a doctor but right now our whole family is undergoing testing for Long QT Syndrome. You should mention this to your doctor. From what I understand now, a long qt is a long qt. Syncope from swimming is classic symptom of Long QT. Not to scare you but you should check it out soon before heading back in the pool.
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I wouldn't mess around with any heart related issue.  6 weeks of rest and finding nothing wrong is well worth risking your life.
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Excellent advice. QT prolongation can be indicative of Long QT syndrome, and syncope is definatly one of the symptoms, among other ones that can be serious. I personally would stay as relaxed as possible until i had a diagnosis. I also would stay out of the pool, considering losing conciousness while in the water could have tragic consequences.
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