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accuracy of echo

Posted By will trout on February 10, 1999 at 16:14:22:

Dear Doctor,
Thank you for helping everyone with this forum.  I am interested in how
accurate a good echo is in determining 1. dialated cardiomyopathy 2. heart
failure (left) 3. right sided heart failure 4. pulmonary hypertension 5.
  The reason I ask is I am worried I may have right sided heart failure,
because lately I've had a fullness in my neck and some occasional dizziness
while standing. I've been checked by echo 3 times for left ventricle
failure in the last 6 months (because of breathing problems) and my EF
and LV size has been stable albeit at the top of the normal range 5cm
and lower normal in EF 60% in Sept 50% in Oct and 60% in Jan. My right
ventricle was measured larger in Jan than Oct but still in the normal range
about 2cm. The echo report said there may be trace tricuspid regurg. If you
had an enlarged failing heart would your valves leak more than that or do
your valves enlarge also?  Thank you for your help and patience. I am a 34
year old nonsmoker with no family history and low chol. I passed a stress'
test in October but I don't know if I would have the wind now. Thanks again
Will Trout
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