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amiodarone lung toxicity

Recently had a serious incident that the specialist is 99% certain that it is a reaction to amiodarone that I was on for about 6 months.Mortality rate for this condition exceed 50% as I understand it. I have been taken off this drug and am currently taking 40 mg per day of prednisone. Still have severe shortness of breath. Normally I lead an active lifestyle which is out of the question now. I'm 67 and have been off amiodarone for about 2 months.Going in for xray, catscan etc middle of Sept. Can they do a bioipsy to determine 100% what caused this? Half life of amiodarone is 100 days so how long will I have to be on prednisone? It is really screwing ip my blood glucose levels and I'm not diabetic (yet)I would like to hear from others in the same situation how things are giong and what their doctors are saying. Any info would be helpful----Gary
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