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amphetamine damage

  I have been abusing amphetamines for approximately 15 years.  I used
  them daily for approx 5 years.  I have used them on and off for the
  remaining years with the exception of one year while I was pregnant
  and breast feeding.  I am a college educated woman and have been
  employed with the same company for the last ten years.  I guess I'm not
  your typical drug abuser.  I have made many attempts to quit but the drug
  is so readily available to me that it is very difficult.  Recently, I
  have been reading that "meth" speeds up the aging process of the heart.
  My question is, how much damage would you suspect has been done to my
  heart.  I have done very large amounts of meth but never officially
  overdosed.  I have never even told my doctor the extent of my drug usage
  and I have become very good at hiding my problem.  Any info would be
  greatly appreciated.  PS  I am 35 yrs old
Dear M. Marie:
Amphetamines can cause heart attacks, arrhythmias (fast heart rates), dangerous increases in blood pressure, and cardiomyopathy (a weakened heart).  Thus it can kill, or over the long haul, lead to serious disability.  This does not even factor in the possibility that your supply of drug may be contaminated, or
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