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angina intervention

I have read that TMR and EECP results in improvement of capacity for exercise.

I have spoken to cardiologists that say the procedures may relieve symptoms of angina but do not improve capacity to exercise.

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Hi Rich,

I think they go hand in hand.  If you have less angina, you will be able to do more.  It depends one how much angina  you have.  We typically only recommend EECP when there are no revascularization options.  We don't do TMR often anymore.  I don't think the data is very good for TMR.

What I would recommend is make sure that there are no options for revascularization before you pay for EECP.  Consider a major referral center if you angina is very signficant and you aren't sure what options you have.

I hope this helps.  Thanks for posting.
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Thank you very much for your post - I've never heard of the procedures you referenced for reducing angina.  Throughout most of the day, and especially in the evenings, I have strong angina and it is pretty dehabilitating.  I read these posts everyday to see if I can catch a good idea every now and then. I looked up the TMR you mentioned, and hope I don't have to have that, but then again if it would help I might just be up for it.  I'm hoping to do everything I can to avoid bypass and to not have any more heart caths for awhile.  Have an appointment Monday, and maybe we'll do a meds adjustment.  But posts like yours give me excellent points to bring up with my cardiologist.  Thanks again, take care and God bless!
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What us TMR?  I have ischemia and surgery has been suggested to me.  They tell me that I will wear my heart out.  I surely would like to avoid surgery.  Another question that I have is what is the difference between angina and ischemia.  I was told angina and now am told ischemia by another cardiologist.  If anyone can tell me other options, I would appreciate it.
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One "mind-body" cure for chronic angina is to get your mind off your body. The more time I spend thinking about my heart condition, the more often I notice the pain and palps and worry.

Try it and see for yourself!

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Sorry to jump on this thread, but I couldn't post a new one.

If you are getting chest pain & exercise relieves it, can you assume it's not Angina related?

I understand there are different types of Angina, but I know that generally exercising aggravates it??

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