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angiography adviced........opinion req.

kindly advice!

ETT 12 mins negative.........
Thalium Scan concludes: mild blood perfusion seen
ECG: very slighty change in V3
cholestrol levels were on 10 nov 2013: and on 23 nov 13 after taking medication of lipid lowering pills 20mg+67mg.+aspirin
Total cholestrol:   300                                       187
LdL:                    117                                       100
Hdl:                     45                                         48
TG:                      327                                       148
ranges are quite same world wide.
a mild pain sometimes on left upper chest and very mild pain in the center of the chest has been observed during walk but for a v short time.recently went on hiking and i observed pain on rite side of the chest from up to down near rite arm.
I am a smoker having 83kgs weight with 40 years of age on 5.65 hite.
No idea what to do when two other docs are recomending MIBI and CT Angio scan.But an old very famous and armed forces senior consultant is advicing angio graphy although retired from the job and running his own hospital.
what is your advice in this situation what to do with all this.
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Hi, a CT angiogram is noninvasive as compared to the traditional angiogram and is usually the preferred mode of investigation. CT angiograms will expose you to a small amount of radiation. If you have known coronary artery disease, a traditional coronary angiogram may be a better option, since you can also receive treatment for your artery blockages during a traditional coronary angiogram. Since you are symptomatic but do not have known coronary artery disease, you can go ahead with the CT scan, based on these findings further therapy can be planned. Regards.
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Personally I would have the gold standard Angiogram with catheter simply because they can usually fix the problem during the same procedure if the disease isn't too severe. If this is heart disease, I can't emphasise enough how the smoking will harm you and make it worse. If you stop smoking, after just a few hours your blood oxygen will start to rise gradually and you will feel a huge benefit after 24-48 hours. A friend of mine has heart disease and smokes. When he gets angina, he stops smoking to feel better and gets an Angiogram done, usually with stenting. Then he's back to the smoking again straight after. I've told him a million times if he stays off the cigs, he will not likely need more stents.
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