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hi my dad age 62 just had a angioplasty he is diabetic overweight and has high blood pressure what is the best diet ,medicine and vitamins recommended for him  
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The best food for him is the Gorilla diet. Lots of fruit, vegetables and a few nuts. Being human we do need some protein, so white meat is ok in moderation but fish is best due to omega oils. The medication is usually anticoagulants, such as aspirin/plavix (clopidogrel). Many times a Cardiologist will put a patient onto Beta blockers to keep the heart rate down and lower blood pressure. The best way to get vitamins is from food, not supplements. A 30 min walk every day will work wonders too. As his weight drops, and the healthy diet, you will see his blood pressure drop along with his cholesterol.
It is also important to watch his mental health. He should avoid a lot of emotional stress and not worry about things. He should see the angioplasty as a warning, not a death sentence, he has hit the time to make big lifestyle changes. If he smokes, he must stop.
I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions, and I really wish him lots of luck.
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Ed gives great advice, but I'd suggest he contact a dietician at the local hospital or clinic and discuss the positives and negatives of his present diet, how a new diet/exercise/medication regimen will help him.  As Ed suggested, if he continues to smoke, it will kill him.  
I was the poster boy for poor cardiac health fifteen years ago, but I chose to clean up my diet, quit smoking, exercised, lost 50 pounds and took the pills I needed to take, and I'm still standing at age 70.  I had a physical today and got a clean bill of health.  Frankly, he just got a big  warning.

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