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aorta dimensions

When aortic root at sinuses is 3.9 cm,  mid ascending aorta is 3.8 or 3.9 cm , descending aorta is 2.9 and  proximal abdominal aorta is 2.8 is whole aorta from aortic root at sinuses to proximal abdominalo aorta considered normal in size in a 60 year old men with BSA of 2.13? What are upper normal limits for above?
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I see that you've asked this and similar questions before.  Determining aortic dimensions and their significance has a lot to do with the clinic context.  There are no firm "upper limits of normal."  Rather, we look at the morphology, patient dimensions, and most important, the rate of change in aortic dimensions.  Moreover, different modalities (e.g., echo, MRI) may vary substantially in the measurements that they give.  My advise for you is to discuss this with your doctor and review your data in light of your previous results.  Seeing someone who specializes in aortic disease may help allay your anxieties.  
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