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aorta operation

I m Eva A. 36 years old female from Hungary and I have an aorta dilatation of 5 mm with bicuspid aortic valve.
The doctors from HU suggested aorta operation due to risc of aorta rupture.
The operation type had scary me a lot (cutting the distended part of the aorta and changing the valve to a mechanic valve) At the moment I take Prenessa 4 mg and Concor 5 mg.
My question is if there are somewhere doctors who knows other type of operations ...is there any type of material or device which can support from outside the aorta dilatation?  
Thank you very much for your answer.
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There is an aneurism patch apparatus for treatment of an aneurism formed in a vessel wall, comprising: a patch including a vessel interface side and an opposing non-interface side, the patch being configured to have a stowed state when delivered to a mouth of the aneurism, the patch being formed of a thermally active material that moves to a pre- defined shape when electrically heated, the pre-defined shape forming an adherence between the vessel interface side and an area of the vessel wall adjacent to the aneurism mouth, wherein the adherence maintains a fixed position of the patch relative to the aneurism mouth
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