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aortic regurgitation

I have been suffering from breathlessness and fatigue along with other symptoms for several months now.After tests on my heart and lungs i was diagnosed with moderate aortic regurgitation and told this wouldnt cause my symptoms and i shouldnt worry .In the absence of any other diagnosis from my doctor i would like to know is it possible for moderate regurgitation to cause my symptoms.i would be grateful for any help THANKS
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You would be amazed at how much regurgitation is involved with "moderate" aortic regurgitation. I wish that I had time to look up the actual amount involved with moderate regurgitation, but I don't.

Your doctor or whomever told you you wouldn't have symptoms, was trying to cause your mind to help your body. Of course moderate aortic regurgitation can cause symptoms. The exact ones you mentioned.

Do you understand what is happening to your heart during aortic regurgitation? Fresh, oxygenated blood is being pumped through the aortic valve, (which should close tightly after contraction of your left ventricle) and straight UP into the aortic arch (where it is distributed to all parts of the body), leaks back into your left ventricle (the big pumper), because your aortic valve is leaky and allows reverse flow (regurgitant flow) back into the heart.

So, your heart is pumping some amount of blood that it has already pumped once that drained back down into it. The end result is that your body never got enough fresh blood. Your cardiac output is reduced proportionally to your aortic valve leakage.

You need to see about having your aortic valve repaired or replaced. If not, your heart can become enlarged and lead to heart failure. I personally would only have this done at the Cleveland Clinic.

You should also lie flat, like on a bed or couch when you have these symptoms. This will make it easier on your heart. This reduces the force of gravity from acting on the discharged blood through your aortic valve as when you are standing.

Hope this helps,

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BTW, you need to watch for a decreasing blood pressure, especially the top (systolic) number, and an increase in your resting pulse rate. Your heart will beat faster to try to maintain a falling BP.
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You are very welcome for the time I took in writing to you.
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