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arm pain with stomach problems

I'm trying to figure out if the arm pain and shoulder pain has anything to do with my stomach.  Frequently a few hours after I eat I start to have sharp arm pains and aches that go from my shoulder down to my hand.  My stomach gurgles and churns but other than that I have no other symptoms of heart burn or anything else.  I have had every test done to my heart, echo, EKG's, stress tests and the doctors say I don't have any problem.  Is it possible to have arm pain related to your stomach?
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I have esophagitis and get left side chest pain, shoulder pain and sometimes back and arm pain.  I have had an echo, EKG, cardiac enzymes, Chest X-ray etc.  All they have found is the espohagitis.  At least that has been my experience.  I, too, never have any heartburn.
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Thanks, that makes me feel a whole lot better.  I will have to check that out as a possibility.   I'm glad I'm not the only one whose had this issue.  Even though I had all those tests done on my heart I still thought something was wrong with it.  I'm 29 years old, I don't need to have anything wrong in that area.  Thanks so much!!
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hi  ive been having  for the past  2  yrs  dizzie  spells  .off balance  ..  a lil chest  discomfort  and  stomach  pain just  above the abdomen..in the pst  2  yrs  i ve had  gallbladder  surgery ,4-5 ekgs,blood  work  ,xrays  ,corriots  scanned  and  a  brain  scan  ..wht showed in the  brain  scan was a lil seperation of the blood  vessels  ..but the  neourgilists  said  he  couldnt  see anything  ...........  when i get this  chest  discomfort  i  freak out  bcs  ithink   im having  a  heart  attack  ..the last  ekg or  ecg ,,xrays  blood work  was  done in  apr  they  said  it  wasnt  my hear t ..probally  my  stomache ..... how do i get over this fear  and  relax  and ;let i t pass?  im on lipitor,atenol,pantalock,baby  aspirin  ..could  this  be  anxiety   ,,  bcs its on my  mind  constantly   ..the  whats  ifs  ...................
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