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atrial tachycardia

Posted By kim on April 08, 1999 at 10:08:30:

You gave me a general answer to a previous question regarding atrial tachycardia.  could you help me with the following?
I first had a problem 6 years ago when I was admitted to hospital with a heart rate of 160/180 resting.  I had all sorts of treatment, ecg, shock treatment, antibiotics, drugs but none of them slowed the rate down.  I stayed in itu for two days and then after 4 days they let me out.  my heart rate slowed down eventually.  for 3 months after I took propanolol.  since then I have had recurring palpatations.  some much worse than others.  after seeing my doctor so may times, being prescribed various things, including anti-depressents i went private and saw a different cardiologist.  i wore a monitor to record the palpitations when they actually happened. now they tell me i suffer with atrial tachycardia which i know is ageneral term for this.  they cannot give me a precicse term only that they are not fatal. just persistant.
could you tell me do certain things set them off?  i do feel that my monthly cycle affects them.  are they likely to disappear as quickly as they came?  or will i have them for the rest of my life?  
i now take atenolol 50mg in the morning and 50mg in the evening.  they make me feel awful.  really tired, sick, breathing is dificult sometimes. i dont think i could take them for the rest of my life.  could stress play a big part?  does alcohol effect them i know coffee does.
i feel life has been such a struggle for the last five years, i would just like to feel normal again.  after all i am only 36 and still have a good few years like left in me.
is atrial tachycardia the same as atrial fibrillation?
i look forward to your reply
thank you
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