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autoimmune disease

Hi. I am O RH Negative blood group and have just recently been diagnosed with undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease.  I have two children (19 and 20) and had an anti-D injection after my first child.

Is there a connection with this blood group and autoimmune disease?

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Hi, I have also wondered this myself. I am A negative blood type, and have had 2 children, (10 and 12). 5 years ago I became sick, and found I have some valve insuficencies, and more recently that I have neurological autoimmune disease. I recieved rogham twice with my first child, and once with my second as he was a negative blood type also.
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I just stumbled upon this topic. For years I have wondered if my Rh- blood (O-) and receiving the Rh Immune Globulin shot when I was pregnant three times may have lead to my auto-immune hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's Disease). I have been searching for any new research but haven't found any. If anyone has any new insight, please let me  know!
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