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axiety attack or heart attack

I am female 21, years of age, about 125 pounds, and a couple nights ago, I had what I think was a panic or anxiety attack. I had rapid heart beats and started hyperventilating. I had a throbbing pain in my chest and thought I was going to faint and/or throw up every time I stood up. I was really restless and couldn't stay still. After i calmed down a bit I would either be sweating or had the chills. I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking I would die if I did. I have had something similar to this before a few months ago; however, this time I still feel mild pain every once in a while in my chest and upper body a couple days later.

It usually happens whenever I watch certain movies that put negative thoughs of death in my mind. I've read a lot of the symptoms for heart attacks and it sounds almost similar to mine. Is it possible that it could have been a heart attack? I'm going to the doctor for my regular check up in about a week, should I just wait till then to talk to him about it or do something about it now? I worry a lot about my health eventhough I'm only 21... any body have some advice?


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Let your doctor know your symptoms and request an EKG.  It is good to have an EKG to rule out any heart attack and it is good to have the EKG so that you have a record of your heart rhythm in case in the future you need to compare another EKG to it.  The EKG will show if there was any heart attack and will put your mind at ease if it is normal.  
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