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beta blocker

please help me to tell about in following list of medicines which is the beta blocker medicine.
1. imdur 30
2. eplinice 25
3. a to z
4. s numlo 5
5. deplatt a 75
6. censpram plus
7. omez
8. mucinac 600
9. niftas 100
10. cranpac d
11. veltam .2
12. dutas .5
13. dovas
14. absolut 3g
15. onglyza 2.5
16. diamicron xr-mex 500
17. inj. ryzodeg
18. inj. spart
19. atorva tg
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I will give it a try:

Imdur is isosorbide mononitrate to widen the arteries
Eplicine is aldosterone antagonists to lower blood pressure
A to Z is probably a multivitamin
Numlo is a calcium channel blocker to lower blood pressure
Deplatt is clopidogrel to avoid blood clots in your arteries/stents
Censpram is an antidepressant
Omez is a proton pump inhibitor to avoid stomach problems
Mucinac is used for thinning of mucus and ease its removal
Niftas is Nitrofurantoin and is a antibiotic
Cranpac is for the urinary system
Veltam is tamsulosine for relaxation of prostate
Dutas is dutasteride for treatment of enlarged prostate
Dovas is calcium dobesilate and is a blood vessel protector
Absolut is vitamin
Onglyza is a diabetes medicine
Diamicron is a diabetes medicine
Ryzodeg is a diabetes medicine
Atorva is a statin to lower blood cholesterol

pfft, that is quite a list of medicines. None of them however is a betablocker as far as I can see.

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