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beta blockers tachycardia

I have been taking Atenolol for years with no problem until I had a A fib episode a few months ago. In reaction to that my Beta Blockers dosage was increased. I say beta blockers because I have tried all of them, (Metoprolol, Atenolol, Bisoprolol) in an effort to reduce the side effects. I am currently on Atenolol taking 2 to 3  25mg per day to control my heart rate. Currently my blood pressure is around 130ish/60ish and pulse ranging from 80s to 100 depending on when the Atenolol begins to wear off. I feel like Hell all day along with chest pressure, general tireness and sometimes shakiness. My question is could some of this be from switching Beta Blockers aburptly since I just switched from Bisoprolol four days ago back to Atenolol? Also can they be mixed since Metoprolol was the most effective in bringing my heart ratedown  immediately when needed but also gave me a great case of heart burn? I mean if I have a sudden upshot in heart rate can I take a Metoprolol even though I am on Atenolol? I am a 76 year old female.
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These medications although are in the same family of drugs, are absorbed and metabolized in many different ways, and also have different tissue penetrance. So we prefer to find one that works and staying with it. You have tried 3 of the beta blockers, but currently there are over 10 different ones, some of which are longer and others shorter acting, some of which are renally excreted some which are liver metabolized, etc. Your physician has to pick the one that works for you and your individual metabolism.
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